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Crisis Response Update:

LogixPro software keys continue to be the most popular, and least costly means to utilize LogixPro on a student's computer. In response to this crisis, we’ve now reduced the price of LogixPro keys purchased from our web site by 30%, to $24 USD for the duration of the crisis.  How to Purchase

It’s our hope that those closer to the students such as schools, and instructors might take note of our decision to lend a helping hand, and consider helping their financially disadvantaged students even further. The keys supplied will be registered to the student as normal, and as such, they’ll have the full use of LogixPro for years to come.


Professor Bill's PLC Simulators and Software Simulations:
  PLC Training PLC Training .... How To Get Started!
  RSLogix Simulator LogixPro .... Allen Bradley RSLogix Simulator  Professor Bill's Advanced Ladder Logic Simulator
  NEW LogixPro CD/Key Edition .... Now shipping to locations in Canada, and the USA Use at Home, School and Office
  PLC Emulators LogixPro/RSLogix .... Documentation and Student Exercises
  PLC Software Simulator PSIM .... The Original PLC Simulator / Emulator Proffessor Bill's Free PLC Simulator!
  PLC Emulators PSIM .... Student Exercises and Documentation

Online Interactive Learning for Electrical Students:
  Basic DC Theory .... Tutorial and Quizzes
  Basic Electrical Code .... Electrical Code Quizzes
  Intermediate Electrical Code .... Electrical Code Quizzes
  Advanced Electrical Code .... Electrical Code Quizzes

Tony R. Kuphaldt's Open Source Electricity and Electronics Textbooks
  Lessons in Electricity .... Volume I - DCBasic
  Lessons in Electricity .... Volume II - AC
  Lessons In Electricity .... Volume III - Semiconductors
  Lessons in Electricity .... Volume IV - Digital
  Lessons in Electricity .... Volume V - Reference
  Lessons in Electricity .... Volume VI - Experiments



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